10 Unique Elopement Ideas for Your Adventurous Wedding Day

elopement ideas

Planning an adventure elopement is a great option for so many couples who want to celebrate their love with an amazing and epic adventure. An elopement opens up a wide variety of unique options for adding something extra special to your special day. As an adventure elopement photographer, I’ve seen a ton of unique ideas to incorporate into your elopement day or weekend. Here are my top ten favorite elopement ideas that are a great way to create special moments and memories for any couple thinking of eloping.

 1. Elope in a national park

If you want nature incorporated into your wedding day then there’s nothing more special than eloping in a national park! This is one of my favorite elopement ideas because it’s a unique way to get married in such a beautiful, serene place. There are endless parks to choose from depending on your desired type of nature and the activities you want to do. Do you love mountains, forests, deserts, the tropics, or the wetlands? You have endless options in terms of national parks to pick from.

Here are some of my favorite national parks for elopements:

Acadia National Park Elopement

Eloping in Acadia National Park offers an epic escape into nature where stunning cliffs with beautiful coastlines are the backdrop for your intimate ceremony. Exchange vows amidst the park’s diverse landscapes, from rocky shores to serene forests. The park’s iconic landmarks, such as Cadillac Mountain and Thunder Hole, provide breathtaking views for your special day, while the tranquil beauty of Jordan Pond offers a calm setting for a post-ceremony moment. Whether it’s a quiet exchange of vows or a joyous celebration under the open sky, eloping in Acadia National Park promises an unforgettable wedding day!

Acadia National Park Elopement

Zion National Park Elopement

Eloping in Zion National Park is an awe-inspiring adventure that merges beautiful nature with the intimacy of your love story! You can find the perfect spot to exchange vows between the majestic red rock formations and the gentle flow of the Virgin River. Whether you choose the iconic views of Angels Landing or the secluded calm of the Narrows, Zion offers endless possibilities for unique elopement ideas to incorporate into your unforgettable adventure elopement. As the golden rays of sunset paint the cliffs, you’ll have a magical ceremony that you’ll remember forever in Zion National Park.

Zion National Park Elopement

Joshua Tree Elopement

Eloping in Joshua Tree National Park is a fun blend of desert beauty and gorgeous night skies. Under the vast expanse of the Mojave Desert sky, among the iconic Joshua trees and granite monoliths, you’ll find the perfect setting for an intimate ceremony. Whether you choose to say “I do” against the backdrop of a fiery sunset or under a canopy of stars, Joshua Tree offers a timeless and magical backdrop for the beginning of your lives together!

Joshua Tree National Park Elopement

Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park is a great place for an elopement that offers an enchanting blend of natural beauty and intimate romance. Amidst the rolling hills and lush forests, you can exchange vows in a secluded setting, surrounded by the beauty of nature. The park’s picturesque overlooks provide breathtaking backdrops for ceremonies while winding trails offer opportunities for epic adventurous elopements! Whether it’s a sunrise ceremony atop one of the park’s iconic peaks or a sunset exchange of vows by a babbling stream, Shenandoah National Park provides a magical setting for couples seeking a private and memorable wedding experience that incorporates a love of the outdoors.

Shenandoah National Park Elopement

Grand Canyon

Eloping in the Grand Canyon is a breathtaking adventure that promises awe-inspiring vistas and unforgettable moments! With its towering cliffs and vast, sweeping panoramas, the Grand Canyon offers a dramatic backdrop if you’re seeking a unique and intimate wedding experience. Whether exchanging vows at sunrise, with the canyon bathed in gorgeous golden light, or under a canopy of stars as the canyon walls glow in the moonlight, the sheer grandeur of this natural wonder sets the stage for a truly magical wedding! From secluded overlooks to hidden alcoves along the rim, you can’t go wrong eloping in the Grand Canyon – celebrating your love against the backdrop of one of the world’s most magnificent landscapes.

Grand Canyon Elopement

2. Fall in love with a unique Airbnb

Another way to make your elopement truly special is to pick a fun and unique Airbnb! There are so many beautiful Airbnbs surrounded by nature and quirky fun Airbnbs that could make your elopement weekend memorable! Capture these precious memories and moments with timeless photos as you’re getting ready together, having breakfast and coffee, or even just relaxing on the deck with a good book and a view. It’s a way to make your elopement even more personal and memorable.

This is one of those elopement ideas that can be a reflection and celebration of your relationship! Love nature? You could find Airbnbs close to national parks or you could go for a cabin surrounded by nature. Have an inside joke, memory, or quirky thing about your relationship that a unique Airbnb could celebrate? You could check out places like a dome, a treehouse, a railroad car, or a tiny castle! Find an Airbnb that feels authentic to your relationship and make your elopement weekend all the more special.

elopement ideas

3. Get ready together

With elopements, you can add personal, special moments into your wedding day that create meaningful memories. A great way to do this is to get ready together on your special day. Eat breakfast in bed, blast your favorite tunes, dance around the room, and help each other get ready. You get to start your elopement day celebrating your love together and it’s such a fun and memorable way to prepare for your ceremony later. Your photographer can capture all these intimate moments that you’ll cherish forever.

elopement ideas

4. Include your favorite outdoor activities

Having an adventurous elopement means you can incorporate your favorite outdoor activities into your day to make your epic elopement that much more fun and meaningful. A great way to do this is to plan ahead of time what activities you’d like to do during your elopement. Usually, having 2-3 activities during an elopement weekend is doable! 

You can also incorporate outdoor activities into your ceremony. Love hiking? You can plan a hike to get married on the peak of a mountain in a secluded spot surrounded by nature. It’s all possible with proper preparation ahead of time! Check out my elopement guide for planning tips to incorporate nature activities into your ceremony.

elopement ideas

Want some more elopement ideas? Here are just a few outdoor activities you could incorporate into your elopement weekend depending on the location:


Lots of couples love hiking the morning of their ceremony or including a hike as part of their ceremony, it’s so special!


If you’re into cycling, there are loads of elopement spots with ample biking opportunities – make it part of your morning-of or day-after celebrations!

Paddle Boarding

If you love paddle boarding, definitely check out parks that have amazing paddle boarding opportunities for your elopement!


If you’re a big camper, you could plan camping into your elopement weekend. Be sure to check the camping rules for your desired elopement spot!


Most adventurous elopement spots in nature have ample areas for picnicking. This can be a special edition to your elopement weekend – bring a blanket and grab some local food and you’re ready to go!


If you love skiing then you might want to choose an elopement spot with epic skiing opportunities!

Water Skiing

If you love being out on the water, you can definitely add water skiing to your elopement weekend itinerary. If you pick a national park for your elopement be sure to check the rules about water skiing.


Kayaking is such a fun activity to add to your elopement weekend. If kayaking is something you really love, be sure to pick an elopement location with amazing kayaking.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is a super fun activity to add to your elopement weekend. If you want to elope in one of the national parks be sure to check the jet skiing rules. Otherwise, pick a spot with fun jet skiing opportunities!

Rock climbing

If you and your partner love rock climbing then picking a prime spot for rock climbing is one of the most fun elopement ideas!

5. Have a romantic and meaningful moment together in nature

It’s important to slow down during your elopement weekend – it goes by really fast! If you carve out some time to have a slow moment together in nature you really won’t regret it. Bring a speaker, a blanket, grab some local food, and have a picnic in nature. Depending on your elopement location, you might have a wide variety of unique and calm picnic spots to choose from. You could also plan a slow activity together during your picnic – like doing art together, journaling together, reading together, or even talking through thoughtful questions together.

6. Think outside the box with food & drinks

You can get unique with your elopement food and drinks and make them really personal to your relationship! Depending on your number of guests, you could have a food truck that features your favorite food. Or you could cater your favorite fast food place! If you’re more interested in spicing up the drinks then you could get a signature drink truck with cocktails centered around you – like spicy jalapeño-infused tequila or lavender-infused gin. You could also do something a little lighter like picnic baskets with fun cheeses, artisanal charcuterie, and freshly baked bread. 

The choice is really up to you but having a smaller ceremony with an elopement gives you options to do something unique and fun with your food and drinks! Whether you’re exchanging vows atop a mountain peak or by the sea at sunset, thinking outside the box with food and drinks adds a deliciously personal touch to your elopement celebration.

elopement ideas

7. Elope at sunrise or sunset

Here’s one of the most special elopement ideas – eloping at sunrise or sunset is a breathtakingly beautiful way to celebrate your love. You could plan a sunrise or sunset hike and get married right as the sun is showering you in it’s glowing light. Eloping at sunrise is also a great way to avoid the crowds and have a more quiet ceremony. You also might avoid crowds by eloping at sunset, but be sure to plan safety precautions if you incorporate nature into your ceremony and it gets dark fast. Eloping at either sunrise or sunset can really make your elopement a uniquely beautiful experience.

elopement ideas

8. Personal vows

One of the most thoughtful and romantic parts of eloping is the opportunity to write your own vows. You can make them as long as you want because you can craft a more personal ceremony that’s all about your love. You can also incorporate nature into your vow sharing – imagine telling someone how much you love them while looking out over a cliff at a winding river through a forest ravine – how magical!

elopement ideas

9. Take an adventurous ride

Make your elopement weekend an unforgettable adventure by planning an adventurous ride into the weekend – a unique elopement idea that sets the tone for a lifetime of excitement together! Imagine soaring above majestic landscapes in a private helicopter, the wind tousling your hair as you take in panoramic views of beautiful mountains or serene coastlines. Or embark on a tranquil hot air balloon ride at dawn, floating effortlessly as the world awakens below you in a breathtaking display of colors. 

If you love cycling, a scenic bike ride through picturesque countryside or along coastal trails offers a blend of romance and adrenaline. You could also indulge your inner adventurer with a horseback ride through winding forest paths or across vast plains, feeling the bond between you and your partner deepen with every hoofbeat. If water calls to you, a leisurely boat ride along a tranquil river or a thrilling sea adventure promises moments of both serenity and excitement. Whatever kind of adventure sounds appealing to you, be sure to weave it into your elopement weekend to create cherished memories!

elopement ideas

10. Stargazing

Imagine the magic of exchanging vows under a blanket of twinkling stars, where the cosmos become a witness to your love story! Incorporating stargazing into your elopement is one of the most fantastic elopement ideas that adds an ethereal, magical touch, creating an atmosphere of wonder and intimacy. 

Whether you’re nestled in a remote mountain cabin, lounging on a secluded beach, or camping beneath the open sky, the brilliance of the stars overhead serves as a reminder of the vastness of the universe and the depth of your connection. You can incorporate stargazing as a romantic activity during your elopement weekend, or you can have your ceremony under the stars, sharing your love under their twinkling beauty.

elopement ideas

Booking Your Adventurous Elopement

If you love these elopement ideas, Amelia Marie Photography specializes in guiding adventurous couples to plan and photograph their perfect elopement day. If you’re ready to pull the plug and plan the most epic, fun, and – dare I say – badass elopement celebration, contact me today to get started on bringing your elopement vision to life!

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