What it really comes down to is choosing a place that makes your soul happy. Here are all the best tips for choosing your perfect elopement location in New England.

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So you’ve made the courageous choice to celebrate your elopement day in true fashion to YOU, ready to throw on some boots and take the outdoors by storm. You envision a stunning day centered around the two of you, surrounded by natural beauty, serenity, and adventure… but where in the world to start looking for the location that will be the perfect fit?

Whether you’re dreaming of a mountaintop adventure in Vermont surrounded by lush pine trees and the sweet sounds of streams, or a beachfront adventure in Maine with salty seafood and sunsets, New England is a one-of-a-kind destination to plan your dream elopement day. 

One of the greatest parts of planning an adventure elopement is that the sky is truly the limit. You can throw away the rule book of the “traditional wedding” planning, and focus on creating a ceremony and celebration that is most meaningful to the two of you. 

If you’re just starting to think about planning your adventure elopement, I challenge you to start brainstorming by answering this question:

On your one perfect day to celebrate your love, what would you do together? 

There are SO many magical places in New England to explore together.and perhaps you'll find yourself watching the sunset over Lake Champlain or adventuring through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Wherever you choose, you will have an epic elopement day to remember. 

New England Elopement?

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Despite what you may have heard, an adventurous New England elopement doesn’t mean you have to spend your whole day hiking (though it certainly could if that’s something that you both enjoy!). There are so many fun activities to incorporate into your elopement day that will make it more enjoyable and unique to the two of you. Start by thinking about what you love to do together, and what might be a fun way to incorporate those activities into your wedding day. Some fun activities could include getting ready together, exploring a state or national park, having a picnic, canoeing, skiing, playing board games, wine and cheese tasting, biking, reading, or playing music.



Inviting family or friends to your elopement day is a wonderful way to celebrate with your most loved ones. Some couples choose to celebrate with a quiet ceremony with up to 30 guests, while others may invite only one or two. It’s important to keep in mind that the number of guests that you invite can impact your options for ceremony or reception locations, especially if any of those guests have certain accessibility requirements. Places like public or national parks may be a great place to start, though some have permit considerations. If you’re planning something more strenuous like walking or hiking to your ceremony location, just keep in mind that this may not be for everyone! Either way, you can choose to plan portions of your day independently of your guests if you’d like some special time to adventure together. 



Seclusion is important to many couples who choose to elope and luckily New England has many gorgeous and scenic spots that are off the beaten path. However, with an influx of visitors in recent years, many towns in New England have become tourist destinations which is important to consider for your elopement day location. For example, you’ll find the gulf of Maine to be packed with beachgoers in July & August, and may find yourself in standstill traffic on a Sunday afternoon. Stowe, Vermont is one of the most traveled destinations in Vermont, especially during peak foliage weekends in September and October. If privacy and seclusion is most important to you, be sure to notify your New England elopement photographer when discussing locations. Your local guides will be the best to find those lesser-known, hidden gems that won’t pop up on the “Top 10” lists of Google.



Whether you are planning an elopement day for just the two of you, or inviting a handful of guests to celebrate, it’s important to consider accessibility for the locations you are planning to visit. Even if you are both avid hikers who would like to spend the day on the trail, you must be aware of the length, difficulty, time and accessibility before embarking on an adventure. If you or your guests are not a fan of steep cliffs, wind, water, or waves, it’s important to note these in your photography location questionnaire so that you can plan accordingly. Also think about transportation to said locations. Do you need to rent a car? Book an airline ticket? Take a train or boat? The goal is to make your day as relaxed and enjoyable as possible without the added stress of unknown accessibility restrictions.



Each state in New England has an abundance of unique scenery that will transform your elopement day into an unforgettable adventure. Vermont is home to the Green Mountains of Vermont, as well as lush flower fields, bustling rivers and snowy scenery. Mount Washington in New Hampshire is the highest mountain peak in New England and home to some of the best skiing around. Maine gives a relaxing, beachfront vibe with tons of stunning sunsets, as well as the home of Acadia National Park. Whatever scenery you’re imagining for your New England elopement day, we have it all.



Without a doubt, summer is a special place for those who choose to elope in New England, and for good reason! The extended daylight hours, refreshing rivers, and the emergence of lush greenery and vibrant wildflowers in the mountains make it an enchanting season. Then autumn transforms New England into a paradise for leaf lovers, as the hills explode with a breathtaking tapestry of oranges, reds, and yellows. And let’s not overlook the serene beauty of winter, where a pristine blanket of white snow covers the landscape. If you’re eloping in New England, choose a season that resonates most with the two of you!



factors to consider

New England ElopementLocations

Embark on a scenic hike through the Catskill Mountains, exploring the forested trails and capturing the majestic landscapes and enjoy a romantic mountain cabin dinner together.

Explore Acadia National Park and walk the park’s trails, visit Jordan Pond, or relax at Sand Beach. Check out the homey shops and restaurants in Bar Harbor followed by a seafood and wine dinner.

Enjoy the quaint village of Stowe, Vermont and drive up the Mt. Mansfield Toll road for stunning views of the Green Mountains. Check out the town recreation path or canoe or kayak in the nearby Waterbury Reservoir. 

Arrive in Franconia Notch and settle into your cozy accommodation. Spend the day exploring the natural wonders of the park, hiking along the Flume Gorge Trail, marvel at the Basin’s water-carved rock formations, and relish stunning views from the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway. 

New England Elopement

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Where To Elope in New England

If you envision an elopement day immersed in nature, relishing farm-to-table cuisine, embracing the beautiful seasons, or being part of a close-knit community, then Vermont is an ideal destination for you.

Couples from across the country flock to Vermont to get married for numerous reasons; the lush green mountains, breathtaking summer sunsets, serene lakes and rivers, and renowned ski resorts make it an unparalleled choice.

Where to Elope in Vermont


Stowe / Waterbury

Northeast Kingdom

Central Vermont

Southern Vermont

If you’re one of those couples who want a more intimate celebration of your love surrounded by nature and filled with adventure, then a New Hampshire elopement might be just perfect for you!

Embrace the stunning natural beauty and the quaint charm of historic towns as you consider eloping here. With a diverse array of landscapes that range from majestic mountains to serene lakeshores, New Hampshire offers an enchanting and exciting backdrop for your intimate celebration of love.

Where to Elope in New Hampshire

Mount Washington

White Mountain National Forest


Crawford Notch State Park

Cathedral Ledge

Planning an Upstate New York elopement offers an exquisite blend of breathtaking natural beauty and endless opportunities for adventure.

The region’s different terrain options allows couples to have a wide variety of adventure opportunities – whether it’s embarking on a scenic hike through picturesque trails, kayaking across crystal-clear waters, or capturing candid moments amidst the grandeur of the wilderness.

Where to Elope in New York

Lake Placid

Adirondack Mountains

Finger Lakes Region


Hudson Valley

There’s so much to explore and so many epic adventures to be had in the Pine Tree State of Maine!

Maine’s unique blend of breathtaking landscapes, coastal allure, and a sense of timeless romance ensures that every elopement here is imbued with a touch of magic, making it an ideal destination for couples in search of an adventurous, unforgettable, and authentically Maine elopement experience.

Where to Elope in Maine

Acadia National Park

Bar Harbor




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