Everything You Need to Know to Nail Your Photography Session with Amelia Marie Photography

Whether this our first time taking photos together or we’ve worked together in the past, I’m SO excited to make some photography magic with you! Before we jump right in, I’ve compiled a list of some helpful things to think about when you’re planning for your photo session with Amelia Marie Photography. 


Location is the very first thing I think about when planning for photography sessions. Here in Vermont and New England, we certainly have the pick of some pretty awesome natural landscapes and views, which makes my job all that much easier! But, there are some things to consider when you’re thinking about your session location.

Here are some tips on deciding a location for your photoshoot:

  • How accessible is it? If you’re up for a hiking adventure, so am I! However, if you want a location that isn’t so “off the beaten path”, think about how easy or difficult it will be to get there.
  • Lake? Mountains? Cityscape? What’s your favorite place to be on the weekend? Think about what fits with your personality and passion – if you’re a couple who loves being on the water, let’s make an afternoon out of it and get you out on those kayaks! Prefer to hit up Church St. or the waterfront in Burlington instead? Let’s do it!
  • Bucket list locations? If you’re like me, you may have a bucket list of locations that you’ve wanted to visit (after a year of quarantine, who isn’t ready to get out of their home town for a little while?). Even if your bucket list location is outside of Vermont or New England, I’d be psyched to join you and, on some occasions, I may even be able to waive your travel fee. Just ask!

Check out the slideshow below that highlights some of my favorite locations in the Vermont and surrounding areas for photo sessions!

Time of Day

The time of day for your photography session is SO important for capturing the best light and vibe for your photos. You may be surprised to learn that a sunny day at noon is one of the most difficult times for a photography session because of the harsh lights and shadows from the high sun. I recommend scheduling our session for 1-2 hours before sunset to get that gorgeous golden hour glow that makes everything look soft and pretty. Depending on the time of year, this could be anywhere from 3PM (winter) to 7PM (summer). 

Golden hour, about 1 hour before sunset, is my favorite time of day to capture the glowing, soft light.

What to Wear

I’ll always encourage you to wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable! You can combine neutral colors or patterns with some casual accessories — free to explore and get creative with your wardrobe! I often get inspiration from Pinterest and, depending on the season, I have different recommendations for colors and styles. However, a safe bet is a wardrobe with neutral tones that compliment the current season. Pro tip: avoid bright colors like orange and pink that will reflect off your skin in photos! I highly recommend neutral or earthy tones that will compliment Vermont’s natural beauty!

Check out my Pinterest board here if you’d like some inspiration!

Casual Attire

Keep it casual with jeans and your favorite accessories!
Cozy sweaters are great for indoor autumn sessions!

Semi-Formal Attire

Long, flowy dresses pair well with a more formal vibe.
Dresses with texture are fun for golden hour photos!

What to Bring

Some couples and families choose to bring just themselves, and that is absolutely fine! However, if you have some items that you’d like to incorporate into your photography session, here are a few ideas:

  • Cozy blankets
  • Accessories (hats, blankets, other cozy items)
  • Beverages (alcoholic or non) and/or snacks
  • Momentos or other personal items
  • Fur babies! Dogs are always welcome – but please notify me ahead of time so I am fully prepared to wrangle the dog energy!

Posing vs. Natural Direction

I like to describe my photography style as candid, natural, and authentic. This means that I generally avoid “posing” couples and families during photo sessions and instead guide them with a little bit of natural direction. This means that I’ll give you a few prompts to get you moving, laughing, and having fun so that we can capture all those REAL moments. And just remember, it’s OK to feel awkward – if you’re down to embrace it and laugh at yourself a little, the result will be a photo gallery that represents you down to the very core.

Your Gallery, Delivered

The full digital gallery will be delivered to your email no later than 2 weeks after your photography session and you’ll receive all the best photos after I remove any duplicate, unfocused, or undesirable frames.

You will receive an email once your digital gallery is complete which will include a link to the gallery and a 4-digit PIN to download the photos to your desktop or digital drive. You can share this link and PIN with family and friends so that they also have access to your photos, or you can share individual photos using the share button within the gallery. You can also create favorites lists so that you can organize your photos to share or print. 

Ordering Prints

It can be a little overwhelming to figure out exactly WHAT to do with your photos once they have been delivered. My number one recommendation is that you create some keepsakes for your home, either in the form of some framed prints, canvases, or photo albums. Framed prints and books also make a wonderful gift for parents, siblings, grandparents, and in-laws! 

To order prints directly from your gallery, click on the shopping cart icon that appears over the photo that you would like to print. When you are ready to view your cart and check out, click the shopping cart icon directly below the header of the gallery. If you have a printing credit, make sure to enter the credit code at checkout, and if you plan on ordering large format prints or canvases, contact me so that I can send you a file size that will work best for your print.

Please feel free to contact me today if you have any other questions that come up before our photo session together!

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