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Well, I never really imagined that the start to my 29th year of life would involve self-quarantining with two cats and my boyfriend while the world as we know it comes to a grinding halt.To all of you out there who are worried, stressed, anxious, or just confused — I am right there with you! It’s a time where the future is a bit unknown, and life has changed drastically almost overnight. In times like these, I believe it’s important to stay positive and hang onto as much of ordinary life as possible, even if slight adjustments need to be made.

For those of you who are planning your 2020 or 2021 wedding, the last thing I want is for you to be worried or stressed about what the future may hold. Since this current situation is new to all of us, I want to make sure that you all feel taken care of in whatever way possible.

That being said, I wanted to share some updates I am making for your wedding day photography, and to hopefully put your mind at ease.

If you’ve already booked your 2020 or 2021 wedding with Amelia Marie Photography:

First of all, please reach out if you want to talk! If you’re feeling stressed or bummed, we can definitely brood over a virtual drink until we get it out of our systems. Remember, I’m right there with you!

If you are thinking about rescheduling or postponing your date, please reach out as soon as possible and we can discuss your best option.

If you would like to reschedule, your paid deposit will be applied to the new date and we can move forward with re-signing a new contract!* In the event that I am not available on your date, I will recommend the most amazing wedding photography replacement so you won’t even miss me (although I hope you do!).

If you would like to postpone indefinitely, the same holds true as above. Please keep me in the loop when you decide upon your new date!

If you would like to plan an elopement, this is a great alternative to a full-sized wedding (that you can still plan in the future), and a small celebration is still a great one! This will be dependent upon the government’s recommendations for social distancing. My #1 priority is for us all to stay safe!

*Please note that due to yearly pricing updates, 2021 wedding photography packages may differ from 2020 wedding packages. I will be fully transparent with any pricing changes if you need to reschedule or postpone.

If you haven’t yet booked your 2021 wedding, are thinking about it, but maybe a little nervous:

Again, please reach out to me! My goal is to be fully supportive and transparent, and we will work through this together!

I want you to have no hesitation in booking at this time. The same that holds true for current brides and grooms holds true for future ones as well. In the event that you may need to postpone or reschedule your wedding, your deposit will be applied to the new date to make the change as hassle-free as possible.

I am actively booking for 2021 weddings, but with limited availability to ensure that any 2020 postponed weddings are able to be rescheduled. I am taking this day by day, as I’m sure many of you are, so if you have an early 2021 date to book, now is the time!

I am actively booking for 2020 elopements
on a case-by-case basis depending on your date and state social distancing requirements.

2020 and 2021 Availability

To make this process easiest for you, I have included below all dates that I am currently booked for 2020 and 2021 weddings. If you find a date that I am available, I encourage you to contact me today so that we can get figure out what will work best for everyone!

2020 Dates2021 Dates
12/235/28 – 5/30
 7/30 – 7/31
8/13 – 8/14
8/20 – 8/21
9/3 – 9/5
10/16 – 10/17

Stay safe and healthy,



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