A Passion for People – My Journey to Professional Portrait and Wedding Photography in Burlington Vermont

I remember the first time I used a digital camera. I must have been nine or ten years old and my uncle was visiting our quaint Vermont town to show off all his cool gadgets from the big city (he was from Boston, where I figured technology was light years ahead of ours). I couldn’t believe that I could view the photo I took within an instant! I snagged the camera from said uncle and for the next few hours took the most terrible photos of everything in my backyard – a dandelion, a salamander, a closeup of my brother’s face – all unfocused and overexposed from the on-camera flash.

Desert Botanical Garden

Growing up as a visual artist, my photography skills improved considerably with the purchase of my own point and shoot camera, which soon translated into an interest in re-exploring 35mm photography with my mom’s old Canon camera that she used to take photos of us when we were newborns. As a Studio Art major in my first year at the University of Vermont, I explored the processes within the darkroom. I learned that photography was not only about having a “good eye”, but also precision, timing, and patience. Some of the photos that I took in this class are some of my favorites, as I have a lot of nostalgia and emotional attachment to my darkroom days.

Downtown Burlington Vermont Traintrack
Shot with Canon 35mm, 2009

The first DSLR I purchased was a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. I had just graduated from the University of Vermont and was excited about the newfound freedom of this art form compared to the 35mm. I not only loved shooting pictures and learning how to manually adjust aperture and shutter speed, but I became enthralled in editing and the post-production process. I began to use “artistic” elements in Adobe Photoshop (though some were a little too contrasted or vignetted) and soon after invested in the simplicity of Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom allowed me to use the histogram to analyze exposure, increase shadows or highlights, and easily frame or re-compose a shot. One of my favorite features of Lightroom is the ability to save presets, allowing to add the same settings to multiple photos to save time on work flow.

Flower Crown Goshen Dam Vermont Summer
Shot with Canon Rebel T3i at Goshen Dam, Vermont. Model: Chelsey Latrell

From there, my passion grew and became not only about pretty objects and landscapes, but about a passion for people. My friend Chelsey was happy to jump in front of the camera which allowed me to create scenes to tell a story or a closeup of facial features to capture a slight expression. We explored shooting in different areas in Vermont, adding a much more personal element to our already beautiful surroundings. I photographed my first wedding in 2015, a friend of mine getting married at the top of Mt. Philo in Charlotte. I loved capturing the emotion of the moments throughout the day, and was thrilled to be part of such a beautiful day. My candid style fit well for the event, documenting the bride and groom surrounded by their friends and family on the biggest day of their lives.

Wedding Mount Philo Vermont
Shot with Canon Rebel T3i. Mount Philo, Vermont.

My focus for this year, in 2018, is to continue to build my business focusing mainly on weddings and portraiture. I have learned how important it is to invest in upgraded equipment (camera body, lenses, and lighting) and, and as I improve in my art form the technology will continue to improve with my skills. I am learning what it takes to market my own business, from creating and maintaining a website and social media accounts to meeting with other business owners and attending events in the Burlington, Vermont area. I am always excited for the opportunity to work with other photographers, wedding and event planners, florists, bridal boutiques, makeup artists and more! If you have vision or a project in mind I encourage you to reach out so we can collaborate!

Amelia Marie Photography
Shot with Canon EOS 6D, 50mm lens. My living room, Burlington Vermont

Here’s to 2018, to hard work, passion, and success!

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